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Elemex® Exterior Panel Systems

Elemex Exterior Panel Systems – New Design Possibilities

Elemex award-winning exterior panels systems are setting a high bar for façade systems manufacturing in the commercial architectural industry. Elemex is a leading North American panel systems solutions provider that offers a complete and diverse range of cladding materials.

Elemex Architectural Applications

Much of the commercial success of the Elemex Architectural Applications can be directly attributed to the level of support given to all stakeholders involved with a project from start to finish. Elemex also prioritizes the Client satisfaction and strives to making the overall project experience cost-effective and rewarding.

Architect Support

Elemex has a 50+ year history in the exterior panels industry with a proven track record of performance. Architects can create and design with confidence as they seamlessly integrate a variety of panel materials, colors, textures, and sizes into their projects.

General Contractor Support

First, Elemex has a unique partnership and collaboration between the supplier and installer. Elemex provides installer training and ongoing educational support to ensure the outstanding installation of the Elemex aluminum architectural application – which is appreciated by the General Contractors.

Installers Support

Each Elemex installer must pass through a variety of certification and educational programs. Once through the comprehensive training process, each installer is highly qualified and professionally skilled at installing a variety of Elemex exterior panel systems.

Discover the Elemex New Design Possibilities

Learn more about the code compliant and tested Elemex exterior panel systems.

The Parallel Advantage

The Parallel Team is made up of Elemex Exterior Panel Systems professionals who are available to answer questions and provide technical guidance. If you are shopping for superior architectural applications or need the guidance of a leading Elemex Distributor, get in touch with Parallel. Parallel can also provide free product samples upon request.