Alumitex® Cladding Panels

Alumitex is a stand-alone aluminum façade system developed by Elemex®. Lightweight, durable, and proven are the hallmarks of this flexible cladding panel system. Alumitex panels can seamlessly work with other Elemex façade systems due to the Elemex Unity® attachment technology [link to the Unity page]. Alumitex is the perfect choice for any project requiring Aluminum Plate, ACM, or mixed material cladding without compromising aesthetics or durability.

Alumitex Aluminum Plate Cladding Panels

Alumitex cladding panels are solid aluminum plates that are durable, lightweight, and extremely durable. This flexible façade system has no installation limitations and impressive benefits.

Features of Alumitex® Cladding Panels System

Climate Defiant

Impervious to expansion and contraction in hot temperatures or freezing conditions.

UV Resistant

The color of the panel will not fade when exposed to extreme temperatures or sun rays.


An essential weather barrier is formed when weatherproof aluminum panels are combined with a patented pressure-equalized rainscreen system.

Limitless Versatility

Square, precise lines and complex curves can be achieved with this extremely durable aluminum plate.


The Alumitex aluminum plate is post-painted allowing for an endless variety of color choices.

Maximum Design Potential

The Elemex Tru-go® precision route and return fabrication process ensures an advanced edge aesthetic, requiring no welding or grinding.

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Façade System

The Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) consists of two thin aluminum sheets bonded to a solid core of extruded thermoplastic material, processed with no glues between the layers. The pre-painted coils guarantee color consistency and shorten construction schedules. The ACM façade system is designed for interior and exterior applications. This impressive process creates a product with impressive advantages.

Features of Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Façade System

Code Compliant

The Alumitex Aluminum Composite Material Façade System meets or exceeds North American industry code standards.

Climate Defiant and Weatherproof

Resistant to expansion and contraction in hot temperatures or freezing conditions. A patented pressure-equalized rainscreen is combined with weatherproof panels to form an essential weather barrier.

Large Selection of UV Resistant Colors

Alumitex ACM is available in over 30 pre-painted UV Resistant colors and a range of finishes.

Corrosion Resistant

A PVdF finish protects the panels from the harshest of elements. In addition to being corrosion resistant, Alumitex is a long-lasting, minimal maintenance aluminum façade system.

Large Format & Lightweight

Increased design possibilities with large format ACM panels that are lightweight. Alumitex aluminum composite material panels are 4mm thick and weigh approximately 2 pounds/square foot.

Ease of Fabrication

ACM is a flexible material which allows for fast production. Faster production results in improved lead times.

Learn More About Alumitex

Parallel has extensive product and technical resources that support the Client, Architects, and Contractors who demand confidence in the products they choose. The following copyrighted PDFs are provided for all stakeholders to download as needed.

The Parallel Inspiration Gallery gives you a variety of examples of how others have used Alumitex Aluminum Façade Systems.

The Parallel Advantage

The Parallel Team is made up of Alumitex consultants who are available to answer questions and provide technical guidance. If you are shopping for Aluminum Cladding Panels, contact Parallel – a trusted and knowledgeable Alumitex Distributor. Free product samples are available upon request.