Ceramitex® Ceramic Panel Façade System

The Ceramitex Ceramic Panel Façade System consists of sintered ceramic slabs that are fabricated with fiberglass reinforced mesh backing that adhered to the Elemex® Unity® attachment technology. Ceramitex Ceramic Cladding is engineered to beautify with a wide variety of standard color finishes and textures as it protects your project.

Ceramitex Ceramic Cladding System

Ceramitex is a long-lasting architectural ceramic system that meets and exceeds North American industry code standards. The lightweight and large format panels create a broad range of design possibilities while presenting outstanding benefits.

Features of Ceramitex Ceramic Cladding System

Climate Defiant and Weatherproof

Resistant to expansion and contraction in hot temperatures or freezing conditions. A patented pressure-equalized rainscreen is combined with weatherproof panels to deliver the ultimate weather barrier.

Impact Resistant

Even though Ceramitex panels are lightweight, they are strong and particularly resilient against high traffic abrasion.

UV Resistant

The Ceramitex system color is 100% natural; it doesn’t fade due to sun exposure or extreme temperatures.

Mitered Corners

Creating large, mitered corners is possible with the Ceramitex Ceramic Cladding which gives a stunning dimensional look to any returning edge – a unique feature of Ceramitex.


Ceramitex sintered panels are easy to maintain and unaffected by chemicals.

Scratch Resistant

The hard surface of the ceramic panels creates a resistance to scratching and abrasion.

Learn More About Ceramitex

Parallel has a library of informative PDF files to introduce you to the Ceramitex Sintered Ceramic Façade System. Additionally, extensive product and technical resources can be downloaded. Know that these materials can be updated or changed without notice.

The Parallel Inspiration Gallery gives you a sampling of the possibilities the Ceramitex Ceramic Panel Façade System can bring to your project.

The Parallel Advantage

Parallel is a group of Ceramitex experts who are ready to answer questions and provide technical guidance. Parallel looks forward to introducing you to the Ceramitex façade system to you. Product samples are available upon request.