Solstex® Solar Façade Cladding System

The Solstex Solar Façade Cladding System brings incomparable design flexibility to your building by integrating with the Elemex® Unity® technology The dual function of this advanced system creates a gorgeous building envelope and power generator.

Introducing the Solstex Solar Façade Cladding System

Solstex (introduced by Elemex®) is a large-format design that maximizes façade coverage and energy production that’s easy to install. This revolutionary building-integrated BIPV façade system is ideal for tall city buildings that have small roofs resulting in minimized footprints. Solstex is an innovative environmental solution with rich benefits.

Features of Solstex® Solar Façade Cladding System

LEED Compliant

Solstex can earn up to five LEED credits. It dramatically lowers a building’s dependence on energy produced by fossil fuels.

Reliable Return/High Return

The energy savings realized by the Solstex Façade System will have recovered the cost of installation after 10-12 years.


The smallest carbon footprint and lowest water usage during manufacturing are the reasons why Solstex panels are known as the industry’s most eco-efficient photovoltaic (PV) solution.

High Efficiency

Solstex system generates substantially more energy than other PV panels, at up to 16.9 W/sq.ft.

Weather Resistant

Solstex panels have gone through extensive testing and certification confirming reliable performance that surpasses IEC standards in high temperature, high humidity, and extreme weather, including rain and snow.


The Solstex Solar Façade Cladding System has a standard weight of 3.5 pounds per square foot that significantly increases its ease of installation.

Learn More About Solstex

Parallel, a foremost Distributor of the Solstex system, believes in the power of knowledge. Parallel provides the following detailed information to help each Stakeholder build proficiency and confidence in the Solstex Solar Façade Cladding System.

See spectacular buildings that have the Solstex BIPV Cladding System to gain inspiration for your project.

The Parallel Advantage

Parallel is a team of Solstex experts excited to answer questions and provide technical guidance. If you are interested in learning more about the Solstex Solar Façade Cladding System please get in touch with Parallel Rep.