Unity® Proprietary Attachment Technology

Elemex developed the Unity Proprietary Attachment Technology, a unified platform that integrates all Elemex exterior façade systems. Unity is engineered to give you more design flexibility, better performance, and lasting quality.

Introducing Unity®- The Elemex® Proprietary Attachment Technology

Unity is the foundation for a new standard of rainscreen solutions in North America. This sophisticated technology transforms Elemex exterior cladding products into superior all-in-one façade systems for commercial exteriors. The Unity features are transforming the design, performance, and quality of exterior cladding systems.

Elemex Architectural Applications

Much of the commercial success of the Elemex Architectural Applications can be directly attributed to the level of support given to all stakeholders involved with a project from start to finish. Elemex also prioritizes the Client satisfaction and strives to making the overall project experience cost-effective and rewarding.

Seamless Surface Integration

A variety of façade panels are integrated on one attachment platform, delivering more multi-panel design freedom.

Complete Design Flexibility

All designs, simple or complicated, are supported. Unity is engineered for complete architectural control of flat panels or complex shapes and sizes.

Ease of Installation

The identical installation method is followed by all Elemex building envelope systems giving installers the ability to efficiently install the systems on site.

Proven Performance

All Elemex façade systems are North American code compliant. Elemex has a 50+ history in the facades industry and a sustained track record of exceptional performance.

Custom Integrations.

Light packages, signage, spandrel, access doors, louvers, and ventilation are supported by Unity.

Elemex Products Integration

The Unity Façade Attachment Technology works with Alumitex® ACM, Alumitex® Plate, Ceramitex®, Solstex®, and Stonitex®.

Learn More About Unity

Parallel, a trusted Distributor of the Elemex Architectural Façade Systems, is a professional resource if you are looking for detailed Unity information. Please feel free to download the following PDFs.

Learn more about the visually stunning Unity system.

The Parallel Advantage

Parallel is a team of Unity Proprietary Attachment Technology experts that can answer the many questions you may have about this Elemex platform.