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Knotwood™ Tech Resources Library

Knotwood Tech Resources

You can rely on the Knotwood Experts at Parallel Rep to be the only resource you need for all things Knotwood. This section of the Knotwood Tech Resources Library gives Owners, Architects, and Contractors a reliable source of invaluable Knotwood product information. The following links will provide you with informative, downloadable documents.

Knotwood Technical Manual

Knotwood Span & Expansion Allowances

Knotwood Cladding Profiles

Knotwood Variation Notice

Knotwood Maintenance

Knotwood Installaltion Pre Check

Knotwood Handling & Storage

Knotwood Returned Goods Policy

Knotwood Lifetime Warranty

Knotwood Typical Details Booklet

Knotwood Batten Clip Drawings

Knotwood Installation Videos

Omnimax Pergola Calculation Booklet

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