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The unrivaled Knotwood experience begins with Parallel. Clients can be assured that Knotwood products are the superior choice and Parallel is the one National Distributor that can be trusted to deliver the expertise required for success. Parallel Rep is excited to introduce the outstanding Knotwood Aluminum Systems.

The Advantages of the Knotwood Aluminum Woodgrain Architectural Products

The benefits of Knotwood Aluminum Woodgrain Architectural products are getting the attention of the Commercial and Residential construction industries. Builders, designers, and homeowners are realizing the advantages of Knotwood over other wood-look aluminum products.

Light Weight

Aluminum is a lightweight building material that has a density one third that of steel and weighs 50% less than wood. Since Knotwood is lightweight, it has low transport costs and ensures easy installation and handling. Additionally, Knotwood is strong and maintains the structural integrity in a variety of environments and conditions.


Knotwood is not only lighter and stronger but it’s straighter than wood. Every extrusion is true to form in lengths of up to Imperial 6.5m. Knotwood is a perfectly crafted marine material that’s easy to install and wont warp over time.

Color Stability

All Knotwood colors have been thoroughly tested to tolerate the most extreme environments. The Knotwood paint technology and sublimation process delivers a robust, baked-on paint finish that defies peeling, chipping, and cracking. With proper maintenance, Knotwood colors stand the test of time.

Eco Friendly

Building with sustainable architectural materials is becoming more important to Architects, Owners, and Contractors. Knotwood has a small environmental footprint since it’s made of 100% recyclable aluminum, uses VOC free coatings, and has lead-free finishes.

Slip Resistant

Knotwood decking is a great product to use around swimming pools and wet areas since it is rated as Y Class or R10 under Australian standard 4586-2004. It is recommended that Knotwood’s optional no-slip powder coating or add a third-party anti-slip coating that can be purchased at any reputable hardware store.


Fire resistance and resilience is important for all structures. Knotwood’s noncombustible benefit surpasses that of wood. Knotwood has been manufactured to meet applicable international fire standards. Test Reports can be found on the Parallel Services page.

Corrosion Resistance

Knotwood is made from high quality marine grade Aluminum which gives it an organic layer of corrosion protection; it is also self-repairing if damaged. A natural anodizing process improves Knotwood’s resilience to corrosion in harsh environments.

Stain and Scratch Resistant

Knotwood’s finish is what makes it the leading hard-wearing wood-like products in the industry. A specially developed topcoat of exterior grade paint is baked on to give Knotwood its resistance to chipping, flaking, and blistering. Additionally, a specialized sublimation process penetrates the entire thickness of the powder coating ensuring a long flawless appearance. To guarantee maximum life and appearance of a Knotwood product, check out the Care and Maintenance information.

Dissipates Heat

Aluminum remains cooler than most other materials which makes Knotwood great for outdoor applications – even in direct sunlight. Knotwood naturally absorbs heat slowly but releases it quickly. All applications using Knotwood (e.g. deck or handrail) will stay cool to the touch in the heat of day.

Insect Proof

Aluminum is unaffected by insects, including ants and termites. When compared to wood, Knotwood Aluminum doesn’t need chemical treatments to protect its beautiful wood-look finish from pests.

Freeze & Frost Resistant

Aluminum doesn’t become brittle at low temperatures like most steel grades – its strength increases. Knotwood doesn’t absorb water or moisture, won’t warp, and expand when exposed to extremely cold conditions.


Knotwood will not swell, grow mold or mildew in wet environments. Knotwood is easy to maintain without regular sealing since it doesn’t retain water. Knotwood is a more practical building material than wood.

Explore the Future of Woodgrain Aluminum Architectural Products

Learn more about the woodgrain aluminum architectural systems of Knotwood. It’s Not Wood – It’s Knotwood.

The Parallel Advantage

The Parallel Team is made up of Knotwood Aluminum Systems specialists who are available to answer questions and provide technical guidance. If you are shopping for Woodgrain Aluminum Architectural Products or need the guidance of a leading Knotwood Distributor, get in touch with Parallel. Parallel can also provide free product samples upon request.