Knotwood® Systems

Knotwood® Aluminum Cladding & Soffit Systems

Knotwood has developed an aluminum cladding system and aluminum soffits that combine the durability and strength of aluminum while presenting a stunning wood look or monochromatic color finish. Both systems are competitively priced, easy to install and outperform wood, steel, and composite systems.


Knotwood Aluminum Cladding System

Knotwood’s aluminum cladding system is engineered to be a versatile, weather resistant and low maintenance siding product. Knotwood cladding consists of a few uncomplicated modules that can be installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. This sure proof interlocking system is superior because of the starters, corners, and caps that facilitate a streamlined installation. All cladding extrusions come in 18’6” (5650mm) lengths that allow for a cut on site application and a more cost-effective coverage of large areas. Please feel free to download the copyrighted PDFs, below, for more details.

Knotwood Aluminum Soffits

Knotwood aluminum soffits are essential construction components that combine the durability of aluminum with the natural beauty of wood. This system provides a cleaner, finished overhead visual appeal to the underside of the eaves. Typically, soffits demand frequent maintenance because 1) the accumulation of humidity and 2) the rapid breakdown of paint that has been applied to the wood. Knotwood’s aluminum soffits assist with the maximum airflow efficiency. Additionally, ongoing maintenance and repainting are not required.

Knotwood Technical Manual

The Parallel Advantage

The Parallel Team is made up of Knotwood consultants who are available to answer questions and provide technical guidance. If you are shopping for an Aluminum Cladding System or Aluminum Soffits, contact Parallel – a trusted Knotwood Distributor. Free product samples are available upon request.