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Knotwood™ Colors

Knotwood Colors by Parallel

Parallel clients have been impressed by the richness of the Knotwood solid colors that really pop and the woodgrain colors that are so realistic they’re even textured to feel like wood. The extraordinary effects of the woodgrain colors are achieved by a high-tech powder coating and sublimation process. The process begins with powder coating and is followed by the sublimation procedure that wraps a wood patterned film around the aluminum profile which then transfers the pattern onto the aluminum. The result: a wood look aluminum that is greener, safer, stronger, and easier to use than wood. Parallel stocks all wood grains

Wood grain Colors

A note from Parallel:

“Please note that the colors provided are a guide only and have been matched as closely as possible to Knotwood’s production standards under daylight conditions. As we have no control over the resolution and screens that the colors are viewed on, some degree of color variation may occur. We recommend that you use production line prepared samples for final color selection or approval.

Due to possible batch variations like natural wood, Knotwood will supply all materials for an order from the same batch. We recommend you ensure that there are sufficient materials from the same batch to complete your job, as there are no guarantees that extra product of the same batch (color and shade) can be supplied later.”

The Parallel Rep Knotwood Library

Parallel has collected a substantial library of Knotwood technical information that is shared with prospective and existing Clients. Look into the Parallel Services section for technical topics from Shop Drawings to Engineering Specifications. Feel free to get in touch with Parallel to request information, free product samples or ask questions.

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